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Dear Ones,
It has been a long time in silence since my latest Lemurian Letter. The reason is very simple, the August Lemurian Awakening journey, the journey to TIBET was so extremely intense that I needed exactly 8 weeks to settle it down. I needed some time to be able to see the whole spectrum of the happenings we experienced on this most unusual journey to the Heart of Tibet, to Mt. Kailash.

One of the beautiful things about the many Lemurian Awakening adventures is that they take you to the deepest part of your own heart, while they are taking you to the heart of the planet through her most remote, most untouched and sacred places. To say that this is exactly what happened on this journey to Tibet, does not even come close to describing the essence of this seventeen day long adventure.

The only way to share the intensity and its most precious healing/transforming vibration is to send along with these words a Hologram about the pure vibration of that land. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. The upcoming story needs to be read not only by your physical eyes but your Fifth Dimensional heart centered one. I am sending the love of the land, I am sending all the beauty and light we experienced, the holographic Golden Sphere is on its way with the words below. (The whole journey will be captured in my book the Journeys of the Heart. Until then here are some details of the Tibet Chapter.)

The Sacred Marriage of the Mountain and the Lake

17 days in Tibet
part 1 - TARA speaks up

Starting the Dance
August 5th is the date when we started this surrealistic journey. I use this word because aside from the dates and program and some basic info about our transportation and accommodations we did not know much about the details of the adventure awaiting us. Normally I have all the information way ahead and I can visualize the upcoming journey with clarity. In this case the situation was different. The only thing aside from some basic info I could rely on was my full trust in my heart, the wisdom of the Universe and the guidance of the Lemurian Masters. I was not even allowed to go deeper into the wisdom of Tibetan teachings. The intense events in my life prior to the journey made me have to arrive to Kathmandu with total trust and unread books. I thought at least I would have time to read them there. I did. But instead of reading my books I read the book of reality through the magic, beauty and challenges we faced all the way long on this most amazing two and a half weeks.

We arrived to this unknown, remote and deeply loved land for the mission of reconnecting the next Sacred Flame, the Blue Flame of Divine Will through a Lemurian Reactivation Ceremony.We had the date and the venue: 15th of August, at the feet of Mount Kailash. After the worldwide Lemurian reactivation of the Emerald Green Flame in Montserrat, Spain at last year's Summer Solstice, the White Flame in the Great Pyramid in Egypt last November, after the intense preparation to reactivate the Golden Flame in Palenque next February and the Resurrection Flame at Lake Titicaca next November - the time has come for this significant step with the Blue Flame, reconnecting it to the soon to be complete Seven Sacred Ray’s Crystalline Rainbow Sphere around our planet. The 'brave ten', as I called my group, got the 'call' to get together for this amazing journey to the heart of the Himalaya, to the heart of Tibet. Mount Kailash and the most beautiful Lake Manasarovar with their ancient sacred energies were our final destination leaving behind Katmandu first, then Lhassa and the rest of the remote cities of the Tibetan plateau. The journey there was like an initiation on many levels. The first two days of preparation in Kathmandu with all its noisy beauty set the scene for entering to the untouched, silent energy of the mountain range.

Wherever we go on the planet, mountains are the most amazing wisdom keepers for us. Their timeless beauty holds a certain vibration of those ancient times that once experienced peace, beauty and wisdom on Earth. If it is true all around the planet for every sacred site than it is especially true for the vibration of the Himalaya. Our first close encounter with the sacred mountain took place on the plane from Katmandu to Lhassa. Greeting Mount Everest and let her greet us back was a perfect opening to its ancient, untouched energies. The TARA mantra came to my heart before landing. Om Tara Tutara.... And it remained with us until the end of the journey.

My very first encounter with reality was to say goodbye to my Lonely Planet guide book at the Lhassa airport. The second was to experience the lack of oxygen in the air.

I thought that being in Bolivia in February for two weeks was a perfect training for this land. Altitude was one major part of the training. Well, all the beauty and the memory of challenges in Bolivia showed up many times on this journey just to smile on us. It is better not naming the difficulties and comparing them to what we witnessed in Tibet. Physical challenges exist only to teach us something or remind us to some basic beauty about us being human. However, apart from certain physical difficulties the untouched beauty of these lands definitely formed a bridge between these two ancient parts of our beloved planet. Lake Titicaca and Lake Manasarovar are filled with the same timeless cosmic vibration. Their waters' pure crystalline essence is the vast library of our past, present and future.

The first morning in Lhassa.

I woke up early with a strong headache. Clearly altitude symptoms, I thought, moving slowly and taking deep breaths can help a lot. For a few long minutes I felt like staying in bed rather than visiting the Potala with its hundreds of steps. It remained a strong option until the aspirin started to work. I felt slightly better, just good enough not to wish to stay in bed the whole day. A few deep breaths and two aspirins later I was standing at the gate of the Palace at 8 AM. The reason of the early visit was the time limit one can spend in the complex. Exactly one hour from the inner gates. Not much time considering the beauty of the chambers and the unique atmosphere of the mountain scene it was built on. Groups after groups enter, exit from one room to the other. The constant reminders of being a tourist there can not hide the very special atmosphere of the whole site. You can read many things about the treasures protected there so let me just share here my personal experiences.

Seeing the vast library of sacred documents was one of my favorites. Just imagine their hidden counterparts in the remote areas of this sacred land where physical documents still exist holding the long forgotten wisdom of our ancient history, the wisdom of the long disappeared civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis. Some of these hidden libraries are connected to Inner Earth centers. These centers are accessible through vast cave systems. One of the most amazing underground cave system is exactly where the Potala was built, that is why it is called the Palace of the Thousand Caves. Walking through the rooms, seeing the bed and other personal belongings of the Dalai Lamas are one interesting thing. Facing the enormous wealth of the treasury with all its golden artifacts is an other. Taking a deep breath at the bottom of the whole building system where the caves are, looking into these hidden sacred meditation chambers were the most powerful part of my visit. Feeling the timeless presence of Wisdom makes this place so special. One hour was not enough, one day would not be either. Just to be in this atmosphere can be a great experience. His Holiness the Dalai Lama likes to refer to the whole palace as a simple building, nothing else. Walking around the rooms and seeing the mandalas, greeting the sacred texts held in golden boxes emanate something more. The wisdom of Buddhism resides there with its divine counterpart, the energy of Compassion. Present time doesn't exist between these strong walls. Past and future do.

The Underground Bird needs to fly
Jokhang was our next destination in the city. The most respected Buddhist temple has something to do with the major underground system also. According to ancient references the Demoness' heart is under the temple. (The Demoness is the feminine figure with a significant role in Tibetan myths regarding their origin) A huge stone shows a particular spot in the temple where the underground cave’s dwellers, the scared birds can be heard. Every story related to the magical birds or the underground system connect our collective consciousness to the most ancient part of our human history, so we had better pay attention to them. Our very first meditation in Lhassa connected us to this ancient spot immediately. The otherwise noisy and crowded temple became silent for a while, only an old lady's chanting helped us to connect the sacred bird below to Jokhang. It was the very first spot where we could reconnect and greet the ancient vibration of this sacred land receiving its blessings and protection for the rest of the journey.

Before we entered the Buddhist temple we had a beautiful chanting session in a Nunnery. We were taken to the  Canngu Nunnery where we had the privilege of enjoying their most beautiful ceremony. The flowers at the entrance, the smell of the incense, the paintings all around the wall helped to connect us to the heart of this land and the heart of these amazing nuns.The sacred sounds of chanting was the key for that afternoon to let the Divine Feminine vibration of this feminine place and its compassionate love energy into the deepest part of our heart.

Tibetan Smile
The next morning we headed to Shigatse the second largest city of Tibet. I was waiting for the group early morning in our simple but cozy hotel. An old man was smiling at me. We started to talk with no words. His and his wife's smile and loving eyes invited me to sit next to them. I could feel their peace and childlike joy. They were headed North to a healing spring. (The special waters of this high land indeed played an important role, although at this time I had no idea yet....) Their smile seemed so familiar, there are certain people who you feel connected to immediately. No need for spoken words for the timeless reconnection of the hearts. The Tibetan people's smiling face and kindness was the expression we encountered all the way on this journey. Despite all their daily difficulties and problems through their smile they always showed their warm heart to all of us. It was a real gift and I thank you even from here and now for every single beautiful heart we met on our long journey to the depth of this land. This old couple from that particular morning stayed with me the whole way. At that time I had no idea yet what an essential part a simple smile could play in certain challenging moments...

Tara speaks up
The very first monastery we stopped by after leaving Lhassa was dedicated to TARA. Our guides proved from the very beginning how deeply they understand the mission of this journey. After the very first meditation they became part of our Family, they were so much more than guides, guardian angels would be a much better description. I can tell the same about the whole group of people who were there to take care of us. I am sure we got the best drivers. I know we got and the best chef and the best, best people to be with us. My deepest gratitude for them, for their families and the divine plan to let it unfold with such a perfection in every tiny detail they were responsible for. 9 dedicated beautiful hearts were assigned to take care of ten of us. Thank you Tashi , Ngima and Orgyn and Chumpe (sorry for the spelling) thank you, thank you, thank you all.

So back to Tara. The very first painting at the Potala we stopped by was hers. The very first incense I bought was dedicated to her. The very first song came to my heart before landing was hers. Tara was in the air. The Divine Feminine represented by her was with us, protected us. This very first monastery on our way was not only dedicated to her but held the story of the moment TARA spoke up the very first time. She let her precious voice out to express her divine truth. TARA spoke up, still at the special altar dedicated to her for those who have the ears to listen,Tara speaks up. The Divine Feminine speaks up. Starting our journey right here heading to the stronghold of the ancient Divine Feminine, Lake Manasarovar.... just perfect.

Flying through the first pass
Riding a four wheel drive car in the Hilamaya is a synonym of flying high in the sky under certain road conditions. Due to some construction work we had to take not the highway but a different road to Shigatse. That was a really memorable drive. With some beautiful music in my ears this 'climbing’ high experience with no railings on the sides help to experience what flying must be. Stopping at above 5000m high just made this experience even more memorable. The first few minutes at that height felt like a slow motion science fiction movie. Then we got used to it. Well, I mean, the same slow movements but with way bigger laughs. Being above 5000 meters is a perfect venue for a real flying meditation. I remember the face of the locals. I can tell they never before saw any meditation group nearby. They were coming closer and closer with their yaks and dogs, at the end they were part of the group enjoying the energy or just simply enjoying our laugh.

The 8th flame of Divine Unity
A few hours and a delicious highland meal later the Himalayan Masters Greeting Meditation was awaiting us. We just left the second high pass on the road, leaving behind snowy peaks and playful kids. A peaceful plateau came to our way with breathtaking panorama. That was the perfect spot for our meditation. Ascended Masters were presented there and everybody in the group had their personal interaction with those Masters who were assigned to meet with. I had the privilege of being connected by Lord Lanto, El Morya and the Great Divine Director. Their loving guidance stayed with me until the end of this journey. On the very first occasion they took me to a Healing Jade Temple. After a beautiful healing session instead of saying good bye to me they asked me to return to the 5200 m high Glacier pass we left behind 60 minutes and 20 km earlier. The request was clear, kind and powerful. I was responsible for three cars and 15 people. I went to our team leader Tashi to ask him kindly to help me to get back to the pass. The whole group was exhausted because of the first day’s intense altitude experience. But they decided to get back with me. They felt the importance of this indeed strange request.Two cars went back to the Pass.

I left the car immediatelly and I could not wait for the other one. It seemed that I had to go and do what the Masters asked by myself. I went as close to the glacier as I could. I found a very inviting beautiful orange colored rock to sit on. I connected the Masters with all my heart – ’With all my love in my heart here I am, please show me what I need to see here’. The three Masters appeared immediately.

Leaving behind my physical body I was taken to the top of the glacier. They showed me an entrance to the huge underground system of the Himalaya. It lead to a secret chamber inside. In the beautiful ancient chamber there was a huge flame in the middle, half Emerald, half Ruby. The Masters explained that this is the 8th Sacred Flame, the Flame of Divine Unity. The guardianship of this flame belonged to these three Masters, El Moraya. Lord Lanto and the Great Divine Director but now it is time to pass this back to the three dedicated Lady Masters. They were presented standing on the other side of the room, forming with the three Masters a beautiful energy movement of eternity with the Flame in the middle.The ceremony of forwarding the guardianship of the Emerald - Ruby Divine Unity Flame back to the Divine Feminine has just happened right in front of my very eyes. Being witness of this ’transfer’ from the phyisical plane was symbolic. I was honored to be presented on this cosmic event. Seeing the movement of the flame’s energy made me feel so peaceful, so balanced. I received that feeling as a gift. When the ceremony was completed I returned to my body facing this amazing amount of snow in front of my eyes hiding so much that resides still deep in the heart of the sacred mountain called the Himalaya.

After few deep breaths I felt to return to the other side where the cars were waiting. The mission for that particular day was completed. Before we left I happened to purchase a blue crystal from a beautiful Mother on this Divine Unity spot. This crystal appeared in my dream a few days ago so it was just the perfect confirmation of how deeply connected the Divine Unity Flame is to the Blue one awaiting us in Mount Kailash. 

The adventures of Mount Kailash and the sacred Lake Manasarovar, the Lemurian Crystal skulls hidden in a secret place in the Himalaya will come in the next Lemurian Letter. Everything that happened there still needs time to be settled completely. One thing is sure: the pure divine vibration that awaited us there is the timeless epicenter of ALL the joined Divine Feminine and the healed Divine Masculine activities of our planet. This remote part of the Earth had the duty to keep the flame of the Divine Feminine-Masculine Balance alive. The Cosmic Mother energy that the Lemurians knew so much about is there with its most ancient pure vibration. The crystalline wisdom of the Earth is being stored on this high land . With this year we are able to rediscover more and more from the full spectrum of it. We are ready to reconnect our past, present and future, so we are ready to shine our Divine Balanced Light into the Heart of the Cosmos.

To be continued...


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